There is not a single evidence left about Burak Akbay

Celal Ülgen, who is the lawyer of Burak Akbay whom accused of being the 'executive of organization' in the FETÖ smear campaign, speaks after Fehmi Koru's statement. Ülgen says, “Prosecutor's witnesses, tell just the opposite of what's written on the indictment.”

There is not a single evidence left about Burak Akbay

Second hearing of the prosecution which was started after the perception operation which started at 19th May 2017 against SÖZCÜ is being held. Witness Fehmi Koru, who is walking side by side for years with Fethullahist Terrorist Organization and with it’s kingpin Fethullah Gülen and visiting him in US and eating dinner together, give a statement.

On the trial which was held at the Istanbul 37th High Criminal Court, Koru talked about his article which was published on Yeni Şafak in 2010. “Today, I have the impression of it not telling the truth” Koru said and adding, “’SÖZCÜ is a Congregation Project’ article is a mainly a more humurous which is about daily subjects and the joke on that article is obvious”.


SÖZCÜ’s lawyer Celal Ülgen made a statement about the hearing. Ülgen said, “All charges of the investigation prosecutor’s are gone. All the witnesses which this accusation is based on said the opposite of what was written. There is no meaning left on the arrest warrant on Burak Akbay. There is not one single negative evidence left about Burak Akbay. There is only tweezed word from headlines of SÖZCÜ left. SÖZCÜ wrote something and newspapers which support FETÖ then wrote something. This similarity is intriguing according to investigation prosecutor. So they are trying to say, ‘If FETÖ supporters say truth about something you can not say that’. More or less Similarities between FETÖ media and the partisan newspapers to the government continue all the way. SÖZCÜ is a responsible media outlet. Being on the opposition is a more serious job than being on power. SÖZCÜ broadcast according to this seriousness. There should be an award granted to a daily such as SÖZCÜ. Partisan media is plotting against SÖZCÜ which honours journalism and trying to pipe down. Truth has a reflex of emerging from obscurity. No one has the power to stop this reflex.”

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